We pride ourselves in providing clean, well-maintained boats.

Fishing and Cruising on Lake Scugog

Don’t own a boat or possess a boat operator proficiency card? No Problem! We are your access to the water. We offer a wide variety of rental possibilities. Kayaks, Canoes, Fishing Boats, Runabouts with a steering wheel and pontoon boats for you and 9 of your friends or family to enjoy time with you. Our Dock Side Checklist is Coast Guard approved and provides you with the necessary proficiency to operate your boat for the duration of your rental.

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  • What you need to know about renting a boat

    Personal Information Required

      This requires the presentation of government issued photo identification to verify identity and age.


      • Ontario Driver’s License or Photo Card
      • Passport (Canadian or Foreign)
      • Drivers License (provided that a photo is present)
      • Canadian Citizenship card with photo

      Not Acceptable

      • Ontario Health Card
      • Credit Card with picture
      • University/College Student ID

      If you are unsure if your type of identification will work please call 905-985-3236 to find out.

    Boating Proficiency License

      Everyone who operates a motor boat requires proof of competency (something that shows they understand the basic rules and how to safely operate a boat).

      Valid proofs of competency are:

      • Possession of a Pleasure craft operator card
      • Possession of written proof of completion of a recreational safe boating course in Canada before April 1, 1999
      • Possession of a complete rental boat safety checklist which is valid only during the rental period

    Reservation Policy

      To secure a reservation the full rental fee is charged at the time the reservation is made.

    Cancellation Policy

      • Any change to a confirmed reservation will result in a $25.00 administration fee. Changes cannot be made within 7 days of your rental date. We will do our best to reschedule based on our availability.
      • A cancellation with more than 7 days notice will incur a $50 cancellation fee.
      • Sorry, cancellation fees cannot be waived for personal emergencies.
      • Full rental fee will be forfeited for cancellations with less than 7 days notice or a ‘No Show’.
      • Our rentals go out rain or shine. The administration fee will be waived if dangerous weather conditions occur on Lake Scugog at the time of your rental or any conditions exist that Port Perry Marina considers unsafe boating conditions. Future weather forecasts, rain, and cloudy weather are not justifications for a rescheduling of a rental.
      • Dangerous conditions are lightning, tornado warnings, high winds, and heavy rain. Dangerous conditions are determined at the sole discretion of Port Perry Marina.
      • If dangerous conditions (detailed above) occur during your rental time period, Port Perry Marina will ‘Pro-Rate’ your rental fee based on the time remaining in your rental period.
      • The minimum fee will be for a 2 hour rental if you go out. A credit voucher will be issued for the remaining time. The hourly rate will be determined by taking the 3 hour rental price and dividing by 3.
      • Vouchers are valid through September 30th of the year of your original rental.

    Security/Damage Deposit

      • this deposit ensures that the boat is returned in the same condition it was rental in
      • this deposit may be used by to cover damage to the boat/motor and/or loss/damage to any of the equipment provided with the boat

      Canoes/paddleboats/kayaks require a $100 deposit using cash or credit-preauthorization.

      Fishing boats require a $250 deposit using cash or credit-preauthorization.

      Runabouts/Pontoon boats require a $500 deposit using credit-preauthorization.

      A credit pre-authorization is a hold placed on the card to ensure the customer has the required deposit. The hold usually automatically releases itself within 24-48 hours but may stay as long as a week. This varies by card type and individual. If the customer pays on the same credit card upon return the unused portion of the deposit will return at the usual transaction posting rate.

      Acceptable Deposits

      • cash (certain boats)
      • credit card (Visa or Mastercard)

      Non-acceptable Deposits

      • Other credit cards (Amex)
      • Visa Debits
      • Regular Debit cards

    Optional Accidental Damage Deductible Buy-Down

      You have the option of purchasing accidental damage deductible buy down.

      For the cost of $10 for Fishing Boats and $15 for Pontoons, you may purchase a reduction in your exposure to the costs of accidental damage to the boat and motor.

      The customer is responsible for all damages to rental units. Should you choose to include the Accidental Damage Deductible BuyDown, your exposure to costs would be reduced to a maximum of $250 on Fishing Boats  and $1000 on Pontoons.

      This deductible buydown is strictly for accidents and will be at the sole discretion of Port Perry Marina. Miss-use or abuse of the rental unit is a choice and not an accident, and the accidental damage deductible buydown will not apply in such circumstances.

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