We are once again accepting dock slip requests for the upcoming 2024 season. Slips are selling quickly, but we are still accepting request forms for new and returning customers. Complete the Slip Request Form here and email to [email protected] with your requested slip numbers. Our staff will be in touch to offer you the best available slips for your boat size. Get in quickly as our slips have sold out for the past 3 years.

Slip Rates 2024

Slip Request Form 2024

Dock Layout 2024

Frequently Asked Questions

As in the past we will continue the “length over all” pricing for your boat slip. In the past few of years we have come across more people who honestly, just don’t know the size of their boats. So over the coming months we will be glad to assist you with figuring this out.

With continuing increased demand for premium access to the lake, and a sold out season in 2021 and 2022, we urge you to book now for your 2023 summer dock slip. Send in your completed request form ASAP and we will endeavour to match you with any remaining available slips.

Option 1: Selecting slip by boat size

(least expensive minimum charge for your size of boat)

1) Find your boat length and slip location code to determine payment amount.
2) Review Dock Slip Layout and select the slip you would wish using the slip location code for your size boat.
3) Add H.S.T. and forward your payment to the marina by December 1st.

Option 2: Selecting slip by location

(this may be an upgrade based on a preferred location of the slip)

1) Review the Dock Slip Layout. Find your desired slip location and make note of the rate code for that area of slips.
2) Review rates and using the code (ie.P1A) determine payment amount for that area of slips.
3) Add H.S.T. and forward your payment to the marina by December 1st.

Deposit Program

A slip reservation can also be made with a $500.00 non-refundable deposit.  Slip fee must be paid in full prior to boat launching.

Boat Slip Upgrades

In 2011 we began the upgrade of the finger docks and the extension of 30 amp hydro to all of the slips on Pier 1. In 2013 the Hydro upgrade was completed. As of 2014 the replacement of all of the finger docks on Pier 1 had been completed and as of the spring of 2016 we expect to replace the last remaining 4 main docks. This means that all of Pier 1 will have been replaced and upgraded over the last five years. In addition this year we created 2 single slips in the middle of Pier 1, these will be available for 2016 at a rate of $2500. Those interested should speak to John.

In 2012 Pier 2 saw the introduction of a new style 20ft finger dock. It was well received and we replaced 3 more in 2013, 4 more in 2014, and 4 more in 2015. As well in 2014 we introduced 2 new style 24 ft finger docks, added 4 more in 2015. These will become the standard in the P2A and B areas for the future with 4 more in each year 2016 and 2017. 2014 also marked the beginning of the P2 main dock replacement with 3 in 2014, 3 in 2015 and 3 coming in 2016.

In 2014 Pier 3 saw the introduction of 2 new style 20ft stringers, 2015 saw 2 more, and plans for 2016 include 3more, for 2017 8 more will be replaced. As well the main docks on Pier 3 are being replaced over the next few years.

All of the above upgrades will continue in 2018 and the coming years as we continue to completely upgrade our docks.

Boat Transport

In 2014 Port Perry Marine Services our service and storage company completed the purchase of new Conolift hydraulic boat trailer and a new tow vehicle. This expands our capability to move the largest of your boats in and out of the water for service and storage.

It also means that we can now move your boats greater distances to enhance your boating experience.

We already have trips booked to transport boats to places like Ottawa where the customer will boat the Rideau canal system and be picked up in either Kingston or Whitby, a trip that can be done in just over 1 week. Other destinations will include Orillia and Lake Simcoe as well as Georgian Bay and the Thousand Islands. Flat rates for transport to these destinations have been put together and in addition a discount of 25% off our regular rates will be given to you our slip and storage customers. So think big for your boating trips in 2018.

Please checkout our Boat Transport page for more information.

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